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“Why do Commercial Property owners trust you guys?”

Many of our clients have said that they appreciate the fact that we have years of experience as general contractors as well as that many of our team are former insurance adjusters. Our customers take comfort in the fact that our team has successfully assisted clients with over $75 million in Commercial Insurance claims. We assisted our owners by accurately documenting over $25 million in insurance settlements for their customers last year alone.

“How can you help me in the due-diligence stage of a purchase?”

Successful negotiations for purchase can only happen when you truly know what you’re buying. A roof replacement is likely the most expensive capital improvement a property owner may incur. Don’t you think it’s best to know an accurate assessment of the current roof is before purchase? Maintenance contracts or coatings can be negotiated for properties with aged roofs that do not yet need replacement to extend the current life of the roof.

“What is this hail panel technology and why would I want it on my roof?”

We use a patent-pending hail panel technology to monitor the effects of future storms. All we ask is for a commitment from you to be your roofer in storm damage scenarios. Each panel has a value of $499 installed on your roof, and most roofs require multiple panels. However, we install these at cost because we firmly believe the value of these panels in documenting a loss far outweighs our costs on the front end.

“Why should I have you inspect my current portfolio?”

Properly documenting “pre-loss” conditions is paramount in risk mitigation and can be extremely helpful in a claim dispute. Our team of inspectors photographically document the current conditions of your property allowing for proof of condition before the storm. If existing storm damage is found we can assist in properly documenting a scope of damage with the insurance adjuster to have your property properly restored.

“How do you know if our portfolio gets affected by a storm after you inspect it?”

We track and physically monitor your entire holding’s list through storm tracking technology and a patent-pending hail panel technology that can be installed on your roof with no out of pocket costs. Anytime one of your customer’s properties is affected by a hailstorm (day or night) we know within minutes. We receive an email telling us the size of the hail, how long hail lasted, as well as the wind speed. We notify you of an imminent inspection and assess the hail panel and roof for any damage. We then present our findings to you in email or in person.

"Can NSG tell me if my properties have been damaged within the past 2 years?"

We can track large quantities of properties for you as a manufacturer. We can also assess through our programming those in which damage is more likely to have occurred in recent years.


Whether you have 1 property, 100’s or 1000’s, we’re able to inspect and monitor your entire holdings providing you the best Risk Management a Commercial Restoration & Roof Consultation company is able to.