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All manufacturers and reps of a product have two primary goals for their business. 1) Provide a great product that serves the need of the customer. 2) Sell product.

We love aligning ourselves with manufacturers who are providing a great product and service to their customers. We also know that marketing budgets and processes are costly. One untapped resource among many manufacturers is the list of those customers in which the manufacturer is holding a warranty on. We know the difficulty of selling the product to a current customer under warranty. However, many of those previous customers could convert to present ones if you simply had an accurate assessment of the current conditions of the roof.

For instance, we know that once a warranty is issued you likely incur a cost to maintain that warranty. (Escrowed funds or other) We know that in many cases a manufacturer is even holding a 10-15 or even 20yr warranty on a roof that was installed several years ago on a building that does not currently exist. Yes, we’ve inspected property addresses for manufacturers before in which no longer existed. Imagine the elation felt from the manufacturer knowing that they no longer had to hold those reserved funds in escrow? In some cases, we’ve inspected roofs of buildings in which a warranty was being held that had been replaced under a new owner by a different manufacturer.

We can track large quantities of properties for you as a manufacturer. We can also assess through our programming those in which damage is more likely to have occurred in recent years. Furthermore, we can prioritize those properties into a schedule in which we provide photographic evidence of the current condition. If repairs are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, we can make or suggest those. If the roof has suffered significant storm damage we can alert you to this fact and notify the owner as well. This can often lead to the ability for you to provide a greater service to your client and also move new product. In either case, we’re certain we can assist you in increasing your bottom line and growing your business with your current client list.